A simple game development framework for the browser.
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Bowser.js is a game development framework that allows to run 2D or 3D games natively in your favorite Web browser. It is a based several exciting Open Source projects including three.js and node.js. Be aware that bowser.js is not your AAA maker, our goal is to create an environment that will focus on quality gameplay, because good games were never really about the amount of polygons displayed on screen.


Speeches are good, but ultimately it's all going to come down to this.


We want to make the whole game making experience as easy as it can be, but let's be honest, making games is no piece of cake. Hopefully the few articles we have prepared should be enough to put you on the right track.


Want to be more than a user? Have some ideas to make the framework better? We are happy to get some help. Game making is a lot of ground to cover for just a few people and their free time, this is why the whole project has been made Open Source and hosted on Github. More details about how to help can be found there.